Local 5118 contract update, May 26 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5118 contract update, May 26

The bargaining committee has been hard at work for the past two months advocating for the issues that are important to us.
Five months ago we identified our key issues for these negotiations.

  • Staffing. We have good staffing language. The 1:5 ratio in med surg, telemetry and oncology is the best in the State of NJ. The problem is how Cooper chooses to staff the units. Early on we identified two units that are constantly distressed and need immediate relief. Yesterday we made a proposal focusing on these units.COOPER will not commit to adding additional units with ratios.
  • Float Districts. We’re close to another big WIN.
  • Cost of Health Insurance. HUGE Win! There will be NO increases to your co insurance and co pays. You will stay in Tier III vs being moved to Tier IV and we protected the 1% cap which helps to reduce your portion of an increase.
  • Pension. COOPER wants to take away what they contribute to our pension. WE SAID, NO & REJECTED their proposal. We want to stay with our current contract language. It’s more than any other employee who works at the hospital gets from Cooper.
    Cooper has proposed many “take aways” that would strip our contract.

We have TWO bargaining sessions left before our contract expires on May 31st. Staffing, wages, float districts and benefits are still on the table. It is critical that YOU come to negotiations and support the committee as we make the final push to fight our issues.

Bargaining Team:
Doris Bell- N7
Jackie Franchetti- NICU
Patti Scharff- TSCU
Carolyn Ali- P5
Ann McCausland- NICU
Debbie Hood- PEDS
Jim Scharff- ED
Christopher Kaighn- P9
Mike Marchesani- CCU

Bargaining Dates:
May 30 & 31
Hotel ML, 915 Rt. 73
Mount Laurel
*Please arrive by 9:30 am when