Local 5118 Rep Meeting - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5118 Rep Meeting

Left side: Ann McCausland – NICU, Jackie Franchetti, Grieance Grievance, Marcy Chojnacki – TSDU, Janet Zero – OR, Mike Marchesani – CCU, Karen Kimbrough – PACU. Right side: Doris Bell, President, Larry Fox – CCL, Christine Merger – ICU, Jim Scharff – ED, Patti Scharff – TSCU, Dan Dangle – TSCU, Patti Budic – Digestive Health Institute, Ed Fenn – P5.

Local 5118 Union Reps met yesterday for one of their regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year. Several active grievances were discussed for training purposes, we reviewed 15 Quick Tips for Reps, and began talking about the many opportunities we have as a Union as Cooper moves forward with the acquisition of three hospitals, including Lady of Lourdes in Camden.

If you are interested in becoming a Union rep on your unit contact Jackie at jackiefranchetti@gmail.com.