Mandatory Flu Vacine - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Mandatory Flu Vacine

As many of you have read from John DiAngelo’s email last week, Inspira wants to institute a mandatory flu vaccine for everyone that works in the system. We were approached by the hospital about this last spring and immediately put in a “demand to bargain” over this new policy. We then met with management and expressed our opposition and concern to making the flu vaccine mandatory. We have put forward proposals that make exemptions to the policy for medical, religious, secular and non-secular reasons and are still in the process of bargaining with the hospital. We have NEVER agreed to this policy being a mandatory condition of employment.

In addition, we have filed a class action grievance because we believe this is an unreasonable work rule. If and when we have a grievance meeting to discuss this with management, we need those that would like to voice their concerns or provide research to make themselves available to attend the meeting. Please contact a local officer directly if you would like to be involved.

In Solidarity,

Local 5131 & 5621 Executive Boards