Agreement Reached with New Owner at MHMC - HPAE Meeting and Vote: Jan 4 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Agreement Reached with New Owner at MHMC – HPAE Meeting and Vote: Jan 4

The ownership of Meadowlands Hospital and Medical Center is changing. The name will be changing but the new owner, NJMHMC, says they will retain all of the employees and will honor your seniority. We applaud that. But, there are many more issues that need to be addressed.


In 2010, we were in a similar situation and we were optimistic that representations made by MHA (Lipsky/Dunaev) were honest and honorable but they were not. The contract guaranteed clear wage increases, pension payment and health insurance coverage – all of which were violated. We diligently defended your rights at the Labor Board, in courts and through arbitration. We won
major victories
. You are owed $2.5 million in back pay for wages and 401K contributions. Health insurance changes were ruled to be a violation of the contract and federal law.


MHA owners have dishonored the hospital and all of the caregivers. They refuse to comply with the rulings of the NLRB, the federal Judge, and the Judges and an Arbitrator’s ruling. We will not let them run away from their obligations. We will relentlessly pursue recovery of what you are owed. On December 19, 2017, HPAE filed another court action to enforce the arbitration award for back-pay and to put all RN and tech members on the correct experience step of the wage scale.


The New Owner, NJMHMC (Yan Mosche, principal) has pledged to run this hospital properly for the community and the workers.  He has made a good faith offer that encourages us. We have pledged support and cooperation toward this goal.

There is a tentative agreement to do the following:

  1. Keep all employees and respect their seniority
  2. Bring employees to the proper step rate of pay. The new owner will not provide retroactive pay but we are pursuing that from MHA.
  3. Sit down and start negotiations for a new contract within 30 days.


  1. Membership meeting to review the full terms of the Tentative Agreement and VOTE on it on
    JANUARY 4, 2018
    . Our bargaining committee will be there as will JoAnne Dudsak and Ann Twomey.
  2. We will start negotiations as soon as possible for a new contract.
  3. HPAE will continue its legal action to secure all entitled back pay and remedy as per the NLRB victory and the arbitration victory.

In Solidarity,

Ann Twomey, President
JoAnne Dudsak

HPAE Membership Meeting
and Ratification Vote

Thursday, January 4, 2018

7:30 am, 2:00 pm, 4: pm and 7:30 pm

Meeting will take place at the Hospital
(the room is yet to be determined)


Membership update and overview

Presentation of the agreement


The Vote

You will be asked to vote
on a tentative agreement that:

Keeps all employees and respects the seniority,

Brings members to the proper rate of pay on the wage scale,

And an agreement to bargain for a

collective bargaining agreement within 30 days.

The current terms of our contract will be honored while we negotiate a new one.

You must be present to vote.

Happy Holidays — Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!