Update: Unreasonable Denial of PTO - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Update: Unreasonable Denial of PTO


Everyone deserves a day off! Hackensack Meridian continues to unreasonably deny members the time off we earn and has not provided information necessary for pursuing our grievance. This practice is unfair, unlawful, and now facing federal charges with the National Labor Relations Board.

  • This is about STAFFING – Asking members to give up days off to meet basic staffing needs is unreasonable. It is management’s responsibility to hire and retain enough staff to run each unit safely while providing coverage so every member can access the time off we earn.
  • This is about MONEY – If we earn time off and cannot access that time, we lose out on pay we earned and the chance find essential work-life balance.
  • This is about POWER – If we allow Hackensack Meridian to take back our time and money what will they come for next?

Members are continuing to push back on this unlawful violation of our contract by filing a federal charge called an Unfair Labor Practice or ULP for failing to bargain in good faith and furnish information. If you have been unreasonably denied PTO, you may be asked to give testimony to help enforce the law and our contract. We file the  ULP charges to put pressure on management to follow our contract and approve PTO we earned.

We deserve to take the time off we earned.

Our patients deserve well rested nurses.

Stay united as we fight for what is right!