HPAE Locals 5058/5138 Bargaining update, July 13 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Locals 5058/5138 Bargaining update, July 13


Nurses from our hospitals were joined in bargaining by HPAE members from Palisades in Hudson County. Nurses told Hackensack Meridian management the reality of working in our hospitals with insufficient ancillary staff and skill mix.

Story after story touched on the same problems we face every day, and administrators’ stern faces visibly wore down over the lengthy presentation. Taken together, nurses from across our hospitals presented a complete picture of the consequences of HMH’s cost-cutting approach to staffing as we demanded common-sense solutions:

  • Maintain Limits on Non-Nursing Duties: For quality care, the hospital must provide adequate ancillary staff to:
    • Transport patients, allowing nurses to stay at the bedside;
    • Clean rooms to minimize the risk spreading infectious disease;
    • Cover 1:1s, to ensure PCTs are focused on supporting patient care on the entire unit.
  • Skill Mix: Staffing sufficient experienced nurses supports RN development and the delivery of quality care when atypical situations arise. Adequate Transport Nurses ensure timely patient care and avoids dangerous situations for patients and staff.
  • PTO Denial: Administrators appeared surprised to hear that nurses have been denied time off for such critical family events as their own wedding days, leading to increased turnover.

This all combines to take you away from making critical decisions about your patients and sacrifices your ability to notice early warning signs that are critical to caring for our patients.


Attend a meeting for a full update on negotiations, hear answers to your questions and vote for concerted activity.

Local 5058 (JSUMC)
Tuesday, July 17th at 8a, 1p, 4p & 8p
Neptune City First Aid Building – 97 W. Sylvania Ave., Neptune City

Local 5138 (SOMC)
Tuesday, July 17th at 8a, 4p & 8p
Bay Ave. Community Center – 775 Bay Ave., Manahawkin