Local 5118 Update - August 29, 2018 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5118 Update – August 29, 2018

Professional Ladder

MANY NURSES, INCLUDING OUR UNION LEADERSHIP REACHED out to Nursing Administration to voice our anger, dismay, and concerns about the changes made to our Professional Ladder. On August 24th  our Union Officers sent them several emails informing them that the changes limit our ability to maintain our current level and move to the next level.

One of the most ridiculous changes is forcing us to take the preceptor course and precept for 200 hours to maintain our current level. Two hundred hours are too many hours! There are also too many requirements for each level.  We told them if they do not change the requirements, we believe many nurses will not apply for the Ladder.

Interesting … on August 25 the hospital sends out an email stating that the implementation date is deferred until 2019.

Daily Regulatory Checklist

Our Union filed and WON a class action grievance prohibiting the hospital from mandating us to complete this checklist. The checklist violates Article 37 NON-SUPERVISORY STATUS in our Union Contract.

A big THANKS to the Cardiac Cath Lab Nurses. Last week they informed us that they are still mandated to complete the checklist. Our Union contacted Human Resources. Within several hours the checklist was removed from the CCL.

If you are still mandated to complete this form contact our President, Doris Bell.

P9 nurses step up to voice concerns related to patient safety, staffing and scheduling.


  • NO additional weekends required
  • NO more assigning of the audits/rounding tool to RN’s
  • “Volunteer” weekend needs list now posted
  • Insulin drip assignment has to be at 1:4 ratio
  • Educational Session now counted as eight hours worked with four hours of PTO VS having to work another 12 hour shift
  • Established Criteria and contact information for the nurses to use when they need help

Discussions with management are ongoing to support the P9 nurses.

Union Rep Brunch

COME JOIN our Union Reps at their next meeting on Sunday, August 16 from 1  10:30 to Noon at the Hotel ML. If you are interested in knowing more about what our Union Reps do and are thinking about becoming a Rep, JOIN US!

In order to better address our needs, units need to have their own Union Rep including the outpatient areas.

Union Representatives:

  • Doris Bell: N7
  • Jackie Franchetti: NICU Gina Brouster: PICU Patti Scharff: TSCU Carolyn Ali: P5
  • Ann McCausland: NICU Jim Scharff: ED
  • Mike Marchesani: CCU Karen Kimbrough: PACU Nicole Ansert: INCU Tammy Beringer: PEDS
  • Patti Budic: Cooper Digestive Health Institute
  • Larry Fox: CCL
  • Marcy Chojnacki:TSDU
  • Dan Dangle: TSCU
  • Ed Fenn: P5
  • Patty Hoffman: PICU Phyllis Mazzulo: EP Lab Christine Merget: ICU