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Don’t Let HMH Corporate Lead Us Backwards

We formed our union at our community hospital in 2003 to ensure a professional voice for nurses in the decisions affecting our patients, our practice and our jobs. Since then we have become part of an expanding health system that has moved decision-making from our shore community to corporate offices far from our homes. Still, our union has won significant gains over that time.

These were all fought for and won by RNs in our union. But these standards are under attack, and we find ourselves in uncharted territory working past the expiration of our contract. Our union standards are a roadblock for HMH’s corporate model of healthcare. Our contract constrains their ability to lower the bar at will.

As they attack our benefits and work rules, HMH has begun trying to manipulate and divide our membership. Management, and a few of their followers, have begun deceiving and brow-beating nurses into signing a petition to disband our union. Just like the substandard benefits in Team HMH “harmonization”, this ploy to undermine our union and our contract negotiations is illegal. Some of you may have signed this petition not understanding it will lead to lower wages and benefits and no job protection. This petition has resulted in a formal election to decertify our union.

Don’t be fooled: Don’t sign the petition! Do demand your signature back if you signed. Do stand in unity with the RNs that back each other up for the good of SOMC patient care. If you want to stick with our Union for a fair contract and safe staffing, click the link below:

I say YES, I want to continue to be represented by my union, Health Professionals and Allied Employees, Local 5138, and support our fight for a fair contract and safe staffing. I revoke my signature on and support for any petition or effort to decertify my union.

Download the print version here.

In solidarity,

Barbara Bosch 

Sue Kaszuba
Vice President
3 Med-Surg

Karen Daly

Anna Pona
Grievance Chair
Invasive Cardiology