Is Rutgers Experimenting with Privatization at The Expense of Patients and Workers?

Rutgers has signed over its health care operations to RWJBarnabas Health and now RWJBarnabas will be making decisions about the healthcare services you will receive. HPAE health professionals and nurses, the workers that provide these services to you, have been fighting back in contract negotiations because our working conditions impact your patient care conditions!

  • Rutgers is refusing to provide assurances that we will remain Rutgers employees and will be able to continue to provide medical and behavioral health services to you as usual
  • Rutgers is demanding to gut our layoff protections
  • Rutgers is demanding cutbacks to sick leave for catastrophically ill employees
  • Rutgers is demanding concessions in exchange for increases in pay

Rutgers must put the interests of their patients and health care professionals ahead of their business endeavors with RWJBarnabas! Privatization threatens all of us—patients whose healthcare may be disrupted and workers who could lose their jobs without protections in place.

Call President Barchi at 848-932-7454 and tell him:

  • It’s time to Protect Public Healthcare! Rutgers Health patients deserve access to public healthcare and the trained healthcare professionals who provide quality treatment and care.
  • Rutgers must bargain in good faith to give healthcare professionals a fair contract that protects the interests of patients and employees.