HMH Member Update and Call to Action - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HMH Member Update and Call to Action

Thousands of nurses and healthcare workers at Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) facilities are struggling to pay for essentials as Hackensack Meridian Health acts recklessly with our livelihoods. The corporate healthcare system’s “harmonization” transition to a new payroll system so far has been a disaster for the dedicated hardworking staff of HMH.

Call our HPAE Pay Error Hotline at (732) 774-9440 extension 206 or email to share your story.

After what the employer called a “payroll glitch,” massive problems erupted, including underpayment of wages, incorrect payroll deductions, and in some cases, employees were not paid at all, causing financial chaos and hardship. Two weeks in, payroll remains a mess. This week’s payroll has more errors, further negatively affecting the lives of over 34,000 families across our state.

We demand HMH immediately correct the massive mispayments and make employees whole for any additional penalties they may incur. We’ve filed a class action grievance through our union to enforce our contract. And, we’ve filed a class action complaint with the Department of Labor on behalf of all HMH employees. We believe HMH violated state law by failing to pay people within legal time limits and demand restitution.

This is outrageous. It will take all of us engaging in public pressure to move HMH to act with urgency. Join an action at your local facility. Details of these actions are coming to you through activist networks.

Together we can shine enough light on this irresponsible management behavior to get HMH to act responsibly and pay us for the hard work we do, as is their obligation under the law.

We offer our support and solidarity to everyone going through this challenging time. Let this struggle do what it so often does for working people, may we band together and come through this stronger and more united as our collective support for one another brings about the resolutions we seek while building our Union.

Together we will win.

Debbie White
President, HPAE

Lorna “Mickie” Miquiabas
President, Local 5030

Kendra McCann
President, Local 5058

Adam Witt
President-Elect, Local 5058

Sandra White
President, Local 5097

Anna Pona
President, Local 5138