HPAE Local 5106 Labor-Management/Safety Meeting Minutes, May 28, 2019 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Local 5106 Labor-Management/Safety Meeting Minutes, May 28, 2019

Episcopal Campus, MAB 213

In attendance:  Betsy Nulty, Sue Clements,  Luann Kline, Clara Galati, Jeanine Penn, Joan Schiavo

Review of Minutes 4/23/19

  • CRC discharges not being sent to ER to wait for cabs. Issue resolved.
  • TUH-ER patients being sent to CRC should have an identifying neon label and report called to CRC. Episcopal ER does not re-screen patients coming from Temple ER; they go directly to CRC.
  • Yasser spoke to ER director regarding doctors delaying disposition of patients
  • To ensure fair distribution of OT, consider return to paper requests as it is almost impossible to verify such  in Kronos

Union Agenda Items

Safety Issues

  • Assessor did a good job touring the facilities and seeking out input from employees
  • Night supervisor should have been included in the discussions as she sees firsthand the issues overnight in the whole facility
  • Screening for weapons: Patients coming in on a stretcher should be wanded as soon as possible.  Security is waiting for staff to OK; staff sometimes forget to call security.
  • Check that patient has a blue arm band verifying that they have been wanded.
  • Safety of ER entrance: Cost of $375,000 for  addition to the ER entry.  On hold for now.
  • Concern of poor response from the police; per Luann, 911 system has built in priorities. A more pressing issue will automatically take precedence
  • ER staff try to move police and their patients through quickly; quid pro quo
  • Request to Fire Rescue to call ahead and report Class 4 violent patient coming in
  • C6 patients should be transported to ER via stretcher; not room to maneuver a bed.

No reports from Temple ER

  • No reports on patients going to CRC
  • No report that sexual assault nurse was coming from Temple to see a CRC patient

Sexual Assault Victims

  • No longer being examined at Special victims
  • State requirement that all hospitals conduct sexual assault exams
  • Per Betsy research, SANE nurses do the exams at Temple because the SANE supervisor quit and there in no one to train the staff.
  • Will SANE nurses do exams at Episcopal?

Six week schedules will be starting soon

  • Staff will need new deadline dates for rquesting time
  • Regular staff will sign up before pool
  • Proposed change in Tier I pool to included one weekend day in 6 week schedule


  • No longer available
  • Key cards should be available in the next day or two; the cards will include one transfer.

Are C 6 nurses covered to do respiratory treatment?

  • Respiratory therapist in ER with a code unable to come to the unit
  • Per Luanne, they should come as soon as possible
  • Issue with nurses needing competencies for giving nebs
  • Issue of bargaining unit work
  • Luann to check into issues on past weekend 5/25/19

Will ER admissions be sent to Temple or Jeanes instead of C6?

  • Any appropriate ER admission will be sent to C6
  • Plan to keep beds full with long term patients from Temple, but not to eliminate admissions
  • Jeanine will check into patients who are admitted to C6 and discharged within the hour.