Local 5138 Bargaining Update, Contract Extension Reached - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5138 Bargaining Update, Contract Extension Reached

We came to a mutual agreement to extend the Union contract to June 15th, at 7am. This means the both sides will continue to work toward a tentative agreement and the contract is in full effect.

On May 29, we discussed the employer’s economic package and we made a counter to their proposal.

Management released the Clinical ladder today, May 29th at 5pm.  They are proposing a yearly bonus in place of the hourly incentive.  We are reviewing the proposal.

We remain committed to our goals in this contract campaign. We all need to continue to keep the pressure on.  Here is some of what has been happening this week.

Members have been sending emails and questions to their managers.  This is working.

Your stickers and photos show solidarity.

Our family members and community are signing the petition to the governor. Please sign here.

Members are talking to doctors and other allies asking for their support.

We have asked the hospital foundations to help us get a fair contract.

Members are sending letters to the editor of local news outlets.

Our photos are circulating on social media asking for public support.

We have a lot of disagreements but we are cautiously optimistic that we can achieve a contract both side can agree to by June 15th.  Please continue your support, your presence on social media and in the hospital it is extremely important to tell management that we want a fair contract with safe staffing, health and safety that protects nurses and a fair wage.

In solidarity,

Anna Pona, Local 5138 President and the Local 5138 Bargaining Committee