Bargaining Update for University Hospital, Septemeber 17 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Bargaining Update for University Hospital, Septemeber 17

We met with management for another bargaining session today which was somewhat productive as we were able to reach a few tentative agreements that are intended to clarify resignation and seniority language for our members. In addition, we were able to make progress in our efforts to protect the rights of probationary members that take an approved leave of absence during that (probationary) period.   We also presented proposals which would update our rights under the new Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act. We are waiting for a response from management.

On the other hand, a heated discussion took place relating to the implementation of the NJ Earned Sick Leave Act, (NJ ESL), which became effective October 2018. Currently, members are not afforded the opportunity to declare their call out as either NJ ESL, FMLA or a regular sick day because the first 40 hours are automatically designated as NJ ESL, which are the guidelines provided by the NJ Hospital Association.  We expressed our concern that UH’s interpretation of the law differs from the proposed regulations from the NJ Department of Labor, which allows the member to notify their employer if and when they designate their sick calls to NJ ESL. The bottom line is that management views NJ ESL as an additional benefit that will negatively impact staffing if members were granted the right to determine if and when to use the law when calling out sick.

Our next bargaining session is scheduled for Tuesday, October 8th.

HPAE encourages every member to attend the upcoming Community Meeting with Dr. Elnahal to discuss the future of University Hospital.

Wednesday, September 25thth

Rosemary Gallene Room

MSB Rm B515


In solidarity,

HPAE 5094 Negotiations Committee