HPAE wins major victory at National Labor Relations Board against HMH - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE wins major victory at National Labor Relations Board against HMH

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decided in our favor on a case going back to the 2018 contract campaign. During the last round of negotiations, in 2018, we accused the Employer of dealing directly with Union members at Jersey Shore Local 5058, SOMC Local 5138, Palisades Local 5030 and Harborage Local 5097, when presenting their plans on Harmonization. Under the National Labor Relations Act, the employer must bargain over all working conditions with the members as a Union. They may not go directly to individual employees to undermine the bargaining power of the Union.

The NLRB ordered HMH:

“Cease and desist from (a) Bypassing the Union, Health Professionals and Allied Employees, and dealing directly with bargaining unit employees regarding mandatory subjects of bargaining without providing the Union adequate advanced notice and bargaining proposals”. You can read the full Order here.

The NLRB decision is an important win. It shows that HMH is violating the rights of workers and puts them on notice that we are watching them. We must be vigilant to protect the bargaining power for the benefit of all. Alert your rep if you see any of the following:

  • You see a change in policy. The Employer must notify and bargain with the Union when they need to make operational changes.
  • You or a co-worker is questioned about Union activity. The Employer must not question workers about their Union activity.
  • You see notice about changes to wages or benefits from the Employer. The Employer must bargain over all wages and working conditions.

Congratulations to all, especially the members who testified and gave evidence in this case. When we fight, we win.

In solidarity,

Anna Pona, President Local 5138