Local 5004 Membership Recognition - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5004 Membership Recognition

As nurses we very rarely recognize our skills. We see it as part of our responsibility to deliver quality care to our patients. We see it as part of our responsibility to miss breaks/meals, stay past the end of our shift to complete our assignment and/or to answer one more question from patients and/or their family members. Currently, we are in uncharted waters. A pandemic has gripped the health care system and nurses are working feverishly to provide the best care to a suffering community while trying to maintain a safe and healthy environment for themselves as well as their families.

This is an unprecedented situation but, we have risen to the occasion. Nurses working in the specialty areas, medical-surgical and maternal child health areas are providing excellent patient care. Nurses whose units have been closed and outpatient areas where census has diminished are working in unfamiliar units. Nurses who have not worked in ICU areas are assisting the nurses in those units. Nurses who have not worked on the medical-surgical units are working side by side with their colleagues to help them with patient care. We are seeing a unity and camaraderie that exemplifies nurse excellence which is the hallmark of nursing care being delivered at this most difficult time.

Your leadership commends you for your efforts. We want to convey to the membership our pride in your efforts. We thank you and acknowledge your excellence.

Local Executive Board, HPAE Local 5004

Alice Barden, President
Michele McLaughlin, Vice President
Betsy Ball, Secretary/Treasurer
Cathi Goldfischer, Health & Safety Chair
Elaine VanBuren Rizzo, Professional Development Chair
Laura Symons, Co-Chair Communicators
Jane DiMasso, Co-Chair Communicators
Corrado Cotumaccio, HPAE Staff Rep