Cooper University Health Care Gives Hero Bonus - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Cooper University Health Care Gives Hero Bonus

When the Governor declared a State of Emergency and COVID-19 patients were admitted to Cooper, the Union Leadership at HPAE Local 5118 submitted a written “Hazard Pay” proposal to Cooper Administration recognizing the bargaining unit nurses. After the proposal was denied, the nurses prepared a petition signed by the nurses and members of the community, supporting “Hazard Pay” for the Nurses. Nurses delivered the support petition to Kevin O’Dowd, and Dr. Mazzarelli, Co-CEO’s at Cooper University Health Care. During the meeting the Co-Presidents told the nurses they were looking into trying to do something.

On September 24, the Chair of the Board of Trustees, and the Co-CEO’s announced a Hero’s Bonus for the Cooper Team.

Even though the bonus is not what the Union proposed for the nurses, the leadership of the hospital did the right thing by recognizing the employees for their selflessness and commitment to providing the highest quality of care to their patients. Cooper is one of the few employers in New Jersey who recognized health care workers in this manner.

To all of the nurses – You are true HERO’S. Thank you.