Important Announcement Regarding a Second Surge Agreement - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Important Announcement Regarding a Second Surge Agreement

We have an important announcement to make regarding temporary changes to our contract in response to a second surge of COVID. Both HPAE locals have been meeting with management to discuss the difficulties with staffing and being able to safely care for our patients. Inspira recently posted about 40 new positions and have been trying to get agency nurses to help. But both parties recognize that more needs to be done to fill holes on the schedule. We know feelings of burnout and fatigue are very real right now. Thank you for everything you’re doing for our patients and community. We need to support each other now more than ever.

Details of the agreement include:

  1. Full-time and part-time employees working an extra shift will be paid a differential of $24/hour for that extra shift.
  2. Per diems will qualify for the differential. A per diem needs to work 12 hours at their regular rate and all other hours in the same week will qualify for the extra shift differential. For example, a per diem works 7a- 7p Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday will be paid their regular rate and Wednesday and Friday will qualify for the differential. The following week would be calculated the same way.
  3. Employees who work outside their clinical grouping identified in Article 27 of the contract will receive a $2/hr differential. Employees who work at another facility (Vineland, Elmer and Bridgeton) will receive a $5/hr differential. You will be paid both differentials if you work outside your clinical grouping and assigned facility.
  4. There will be no involuntary reassignment to Vineland, Elmer and Bridgeton campuses.
  5. In lieu of cancellation, management may reassign a nurse from their home unit to another unit, regardless if your home unit is closed. They may provide training to that nurse in order to prepare for a surge.
  6. There will be a freeze on internal transfer dates. However, no external candidate will be hired into a permanent posted position without internal candidates having the opportunity to apply for that position. The employer may also waive this provision on a case by case basis.
  7. There will be an exception to the Attendance and Punctuality Policy for COVID-related symptoms. Employees will receive the extra shift differential for all qualifying shifts worked regardless of having a callout for COVID-related symptoms in the same week, as long as they comply with all instructions given by Employee Health.
  8. This agreement will expire on April 6, 2021, but it may end sooner if the census decreases and we are able to maintain adequate staffing without nurses working extra shifts.

In Solidarity,

Local 5621 Executive Board