Local 5147 bargaining update, December 11, 2020 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5147 bargaining update, December 11, 2020

Today we had our sixth bargaining session with management. Yesterday they left us with their initial offer: a 1.6% raise over three years. They also moved in our direction on some of our demands regarding differentials.

This morning we came back with a counteroffer of 5% per year, for three years. We broke until after lunch. At that point management returned and stated they would provide 1.4% raises each year, but in return they wanted to rescind any increase on differentials. In addition, the first raise would not be until July of 2021.

The cost of living alone is around 2% per year. This contract would not even provide a cost-of-living increase that matches the Consumer Price Index (as per BLS.gov) let alone offer any kind of compensation for the loyalty we provide or the work we do at Hudson Regional.

We found management’s proposal unacceptable and insulting. We could not in good faith continue to negotiate, so we ended the day’s session with no further discussions.

We are scheduled to meet again on Tuesday of next week. We hope that management comes to their senses.

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In Solidarity,


Local 5147 Negotiations Committee