Local 5004 Negotiations Team Announcement - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5004 Negotiations Team Announcement

Eric Maldonado, A Shift

Medical-Surgical A
Adele Thomas, D4, C Shift

Outpatient Area
Karen Twomey, Infusion Unit, A Shift

Procedure Area
Becky Esquivel, Berrie, Pre-Post, A Shift

Maternal Child Health Area
Mary DeRitter, NICU, A Shift

Alice Barden, Negotiation Team Chair

Appointed to team by Alice Barden with Executive Board approval:

  • Michele McLaughlin, PACU, A Shift
  • Cathi Goldfischer, Berrie Pre-Post, A Shift
  • Elaine Van-Buren Rizzo, MSICU, A Shift
  • Marta Glaba, MSICU, C Shift
  • Donna Arden, Endoscopy, A Shift
  • Monica Mallen, Berrie OR, A Shift
  • Stephanie Orrico, Retired former local officer

HPAE Staff Representative: Corrado Cotumaccio