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Instructions for attending virtual contract negotiations sessions

IMPORTANT: Response Required – Virtual Negotiations

Members have asked if it’s possible to participate in our virtual contract negotiations.

We are using the platform, Ring Central. Our sessions are set up and guided by Federal Mediation & Conciliation Services (FMCS). Commissioner Bullock controls putting us in our main negotiations room and our break out rooms. There are three rooms on the screen when we are in session.

It is possible for a limited number of nurses to be in a virtual room to watch our bargaining sessions. In order to ensure that the negotiating committees can see each other on the screen, we are limited to 15 members at each session. During the session, everyone will be muted and the chat feature is not available.

If you are interested in attending the virtual session on April 29, please email your name, cell number and non Cooper email to Terry Leone at by April 19. The first 15 nurses to respond will be accepted. Your contact information will be sent to Commissioner Bullock. She will send you an email invite ( a few days prior to April 29. Our sessions start at 10:00am. The end time varies. You do not have to stay on for the entire day but you do need to be there at the start of the day. As in the past, our caucus’ are closed sessions while our negotiating committee is doing their work.

For the best results, you should use a lap top, desk top or an IPAD. Please do not call in from work.

Future sessions with the deadline to send contact information to attend the session:

  • May 6 Session – Deadline: April 26
  • May 18 Session – Deadline: May 10
  • May 20 Session – Deadline: May 10
  • May 25 Session – Deadline: May 11
  • May 27 Session – Deadline: May 17

When you send your contact information for any of the above sessions, please include which bargaining session you are interested in attending. We will notify you if you were one of the first 15 to respond.

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In Solidarity –

Negotiating Committee