Local 5142 Bargaining Update and May 12th Membership Call - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5142 Bargaining Update and May 12th Membership Call

On Friday, April 23rd, our committee had its first negotiation session with management. We made it clear to the Hospital that we are fighting for a contract that will dramatically improve our working conditions and compensate us fairly for the difficult and important work we do, particularly over the past year.

We know that the only way we can win this contract is if we have each one of you standing behind us. We’ll be holding a general membership meeting to give you a more detailed update on where we are with negotiation and talk about the actions we’ll need all of you to take so that we can show the Hospital a united front.

Wednesday, May 12th
Meeting Times: 8am, 5pm and 8pm

Please call 503-300-6868 at the designated time and enter code 762715 when prompted. All participants will be automatically muted during the call, and we will open the line for questions and comments at various points during the agenda. When you want to speak, just press 5* on your keypad to “Raise Your Hand” The content of all meetings will be the same, so you only need to attend one meeting.

Our next session will be on Tuesday the 4th, and we’ll be sending out an update after that.

In solidarity,

Local 5142 Bargaining Committee