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Take Action Now: EHMC tries to throw cold water on your bargaining team!


Last week John O’Dea, Director of Employee Relations, contacted Alice Barden, President and Michele McLaughlin, Vice President with a proposal of extending the current collective bargaining agreement for one (1) year.

When Alice and Michele inquired about salary increases, Mr. O’Dea was taken by surprise and responded that he would have to talk with his team and get back to them. Needless to say, he never called back. Clearly, the hospital never considered salary increases when proposing to extend the contract. HPAE said no to the extension.

Dial forward to Monday, April 5th. Negotiation dates have been agreed upon. It is contractual, that if a nurse(s) is working on a negotiation day, the hospital pays for four (4) nurses. Mr. O’Dea gave an edict to nurse managers to not schedule the negotiating team members on a day that negotiations are scheduled. The intent of Mr. O’Dea is to have the negotiating team members working their 3- or 4-day week and negotiate on the 4th or 5th day of the week. Also, ignoring any requests for days off. How would one characterize this action – disrespectful, insolent, brazen, discourteous, anyone will do.

What the membership should take away from this action is that EHMC does not want by a collaborative negotiation process. What does it mean for the issues/goals set by the membership for these negotiations. Think about it! Then act on it! Tell your managers O’Dea’s edict will not be tolerated. Contact Mr. O’Dea via email at John.O’Dea@EHMCHealth.org and tell him his actions will not be tolerated. Nurses at EH deserve an opportunity to engage in the negotiation process through their elected representatives. EMAIL TODAY!!!!!!

In solidarity,

Local 5004 Executive Board