Cancelled Dates - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Cancelled Dates

The hospital (EH) negotiating team continues to interfere with your rights relating to collective bargaining by not releasing negotiating team members to engage in good faith bargaining. EH has intentionally scheduled your negotiating team night members to work contiguous days with negotiation sessions interspersed between work schedule. They have also informed us that they will not release some nurses on certain days.

Therefore, EH has not allowed you, the membership, to have proper representation.

We have informed them that, due to posted schedules, we will not be able to negotiate on five (5) upcoming dates. We have asked EH administration to reassess their scheduling practices for these negotiations.

This situation has not occurred in over 40 years of negotiations. Why now? Clearly, from day one, the hospital negotiating team demonstrated their intent of not considering the members proposals.

In solidarity,

Local 5004 Negotiations Committee