Local 5142 Member Alert, June 11 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5142 Member Alert, June 11

Despite persistent delays, we are pushing forward with negotiations with the hospital. We have now put forth all of our proposals, including increased better staffing language, increased PTO, and many other changes that are deeply important for us and the for the future of this hospital. We have a very critical session scheduled for next Friday the 18th, and we need each of you to take action so that we can show management that our membership has our backs as we continue this fight at the table.

We are asking each of you to take either an individual or group photo wearing you “We Are The Union” buttons and post them on the local Facebook page. We’ll be compiling these into a short video and boosting it across the state to bring attention to the terrible conditions we are working under and the need for the hospital to settle a contract that gives us the staffing, pay and benefits we deserve.

Please see the below slideshow for an example of the video we put together last year. We want to get twice as many pictures this year so we can send a clear message to management, so let’s get started!


In solidarity,
Your Local 5142 Bargaining Committee.