2020 Performance Evaluation Merit Pay - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

2020 Performance Evaluation Merit Pay

On Tuesday, HMH informed us that they are going to give our members merit increases based on a performance evaluation scale that we did not negotiate. HMH has failed yet again to communicate to their own managers and to our members about the raises. Our position is that we mutually agreed upon a 2% merit increase for 2021 for all bargaining unit members during negotiations.

We will be submitting a grievance for all our members regarding this contract violation and pursue all legal avenues. We have submitted a separate grievance on evaluation scores of 2.74 and below. Anyone with a 2.74 evaluation score and below should be reaching out to the eboard via email at local5138@hpae.org to grieve your evaluation. Please put in the subject: “Performance Evaluation Grievance.”

Let HMH know that we are Union-strong and that we will not allow them to disregard contract language that was mutually agreed upon by both parties.


In solidarity,

Anna Pona, President, Local 5138