Membership News for Local 5621 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Membership News for Local 5621

  • ​Panic buttons are now available on all units for staff members who sit in a close obs or care for patients with violent tendencies and physical outbursts. Please be sure when signing out this safety device to contact security so they are aware of your exact location, in the event you need them. Please stay safe and use these devices for added protection.
  •  ARCC up any concerns (i.e. staffing or safety) that you are having. If you voice a concern with your ANM and do not get a resolution, you may then go up the ladder and escalate these issues. On weekends when there is no manager present, you may reach out to the house supervisor and then the administrator on-call if necessary.
  •  Please review Article 46 of our contract which covers the granting of overtime and extra shifts. We know there are many units that are in need of staff to work extra shifts and incentives are being offered. If there is advance notice of a need, then the order of how these shifts are granted needs to be followed per the contract. When two or more employees volunteer for an overtime/extra shift, the employer shall grant the shift in the following order; 1.) employee who will incur the least amount of overtime for that week; 2.) FT and PT employees with the greatest amount of bargaining unit seniority; 3.) per diem employee with the greatest amount of bargaining unit seniority.
  •  Please contact your unit Reps or LEB members for union related questions and concerns to our personal email or phone number provided on the bulletin board and HPAE website. The hospital email and/or texting on the hospital spectra links is NOT an appropriate method of communication with us. We have to keep union business separate. Your union officers regularly check their personal emails and contacting us through work channels may cause delays in a response.
  •  If you plan to leave Inspira or know someone who has recently left the organization (or even switching units) please contact a unit rep or officer to obtain our internal “exit survey”.  We are collecting information identifying why people are leaving the system or their work areas.
  •  When picking up SIP shifts, please fill out a Kronos time adjustment form so that all shifts are paid appropriately through payroll.

HPAE Local 5621 Executive Board