Vacation Guidelines by Unit - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Vacation Guidelines by Unit

  • As of 2021, in no case will the minimum used for granting vacation leave during the normal vacation period be less than 1.0 FTE* per unit, per shift.
  • As per the contract vacation guidelines, established by the medical center, are reflected on Schedule L.
  • Schedule L guidelines are the minimum used for granting vacation during the normal vacation period. The nurse manager shall have discretion to grant vacation in excess of the minimum
  • Guidelines will be evaluated semi-annually based on changes in staff accruals and unit operations.
  • HPAE has also calculated minimum vacation guidelines. Members should use these guidelines to support their argument with their managers for vacation approval.
  • HPAE will post on HPAE 5004 web site, the semi-annual EHMC Vacation Guidelines and HPAE Vacation Guidelines.




  • 1 FTE = 1 fulltime position
  • .6 FTE = 1 part time position
  • 8 hour Fulltime = 5 days
  • 12 hour Fulltime = 3 days