Local 5112 COVID Update, January 5, 2022 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5112 COVID Update, January 5, 2022

Wishing that we will have a Healthy Happy 2022!!

Update from COVID central

We have 5 positive cases on CSW, which is now the current COVID unit, zero Cases on CSE. Various staff have been out due to COVID and are scheduled to return soon. We are now treating the Omicron Variant according to symptoms and only quarantining for 5 days per CDC guidelines. Staff are tested weekly while patients continue to be tested twice per week.

Due to the increase in COVID cases, staff are expected to wear full PPE N95 or Kn95 masks, face shields or goggles, gowns, hair covers and gloves. In addition, please do not forget to wear gloves when you are working with all patients as well as wash your hands and sanitize.

Please be aware there is another new call out procedure posted at the stations for your information. It is encouraged to vaccinate and get booster shots for COVID however the deadline for Flu shots is  12/31/31 per NJ state mandate.

Please make every effort to avoid calling out as staffing is at emergency levels. Keep in mind, that if you need help during this time of  low staffing levels, feel free to ask management to assist. According to Karen Dinsmore, Assistant Director, management staff are available to assist when necessary. HPAE is being updated daily on any changes instituted by CDC guidelines to help insure staff and patient safety!

In solidarity,

Wendi Esteves, RN
President, Local 5112