HPAE Local 5147 Rumors and Raises - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Local 5147 Rumors and Raises

This is in response to recent rumors regarding HPAE not allowing Dr Kifaieh& Hudson Regional to give raises to members of our union. The union has not been approached by Dr Kifaieh or anyone from management regarding raises. In fact, we have inquired multiple times about retention bonuses for staff – as we know that HRH is having a difficult time retaining employees. We just had a Labor/ Management (staffing committee) meeting on March 22, 2022, where we again inquired about retention bonuses, and we were told by management that they are still “looking into it”.

We have heard that Dr Kifaieh has spoken with the surgical techs in the OR stating that HRH would like to give them raises but the union will not allow it. We have not been contacted at all about any such raises.

The union would never turn down an increase in wages for our union members. This is evident by the latest increase for the Tele Techs on 3 West as well as an across the board raise for environmental services when is it was determined that they could not hire into or keep those positions.

Also, the union approved the new lead tech positions in Radiology, which resulted in raises for those workers as well as the ability to be in the union.

If they want to raise the tech salaries, we would be more than happy to address their offer. However, a raise for the nurses would have to be addressed as across the board. There already is a sign on bonus in place in both the OR and ER to help them bring in people.

Again, conversations between Dr Kifaieh and staff members are only rumors to your union officers, we have had no such discussion with Dr Kifaieh or anyone else at HRH to either approve or reject increases for RNs.

As a side note, the discrepancy of everyone’s SLP time and sick hours accumulated has been discussed with HR and was a computer error and will be corrected this pay period. Please watch the HPAE bulletin board for information on how the SLP accrues and how it is to be used.

In closing let me remind everyone that the next labor management meeting is May 12th at 9 AM, all are welcome to attend or send in any issues you would like to have addressed.

In Solidarity,

Diane Smith, President, HPAE Local 5147