Contract Reopener Update - May 20, 2022 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Contract Reopener Update – May 20, 2022

We want to keep you informed as to the status of the Union’s request to reopen the contract. Below is a copy of the latest correspondence with EH.
We expect a response at the JNPC meeting on Monday, May 23rd, from
J. O’Dea.


John O’Dea, Director Employee and Labor Relations
Englewood Health
350 Engle Street
Englewood, NJ 07631

Dear John,

Since December 16th, 2021, and monthly we have been asking Englewood Healthcare to reopen the contract. Since December 16th and every month thereafter, you have told me that you will respond next week. Next week has yet to come. Truly amazing! Even more remarkable, Englewood is content with the status quo of high percentage of nursing vacancies and turnover. The vacancy rate is 19% (4/22), the turnover rate for 2021 is 21.4%, after 1 year of tenure, the turnover rate is 74% (2018 to 2019). You dispute our figures, but you offer none of your own. No dialogue – just “your numbers are incorrect”. So unfortunate!

HPAE recognizes the growing demand for nurses and the movement of nurses away from the bedside and the fact that baby boomers are retiring. The competitiveness of retaining and hiring nurses within our area, which will only increase especially in light of the expansions that will occur at Valley and Holy Name Hospital.

We want to meet and discuss several initiatives with the goals of keeping valuable talent, attracting more of the same and keeping nurses engaged. It is imperative that both HPAE and EH agree to trust that honest, constructive conversations with mutual values as a goal will occur. Follow up action should also be agreed upon. We must be proactive. We must meet to start the discussion.

Please contact me by May 23rd, to set a mutually convenient time and place to meet.

Thank you,
Alice Barden, President HPAE Local 5004