HPAE Statement Regarding National Labor Relations Board Decision - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Statement Regarding National Labor Relations Board Decision

Please attribute the following statement to HPAE President Debbie White, RN:

This is a victory for our union members, who stood up to HMH’s attempts to undermine their union rights. Bargaining is a protected right under labor law, which a Judge and the NLRB have affirmed. HMH has violated labor law in four HPAE locals by failing to bargain with our union by direct dealing with our members. It should not take the federal government intervening, but we are grateful for the outcome.

This decision does come on the heels of another recent victory. Earlier this year HMH agreed to a settlement that reinstated the health insurance benefits that HPAE members were enrolled in prior to the employer’s unilateral and unlawful decision in 2018 to change the health insurance plan for all employees.

The NLRB decision not only provides closure on this matter, it also strengthens our members resolve to stand up for their rights, even when the odds may not appear to be in their favor. The truth and the facts in the end did prevail and support workers against injustice.

Read the decision here.

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