Local 5004 Wage Enhancement & Pension Update - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5004 Wage Enhancement & Pension Update


On January 11th, 2023 HPAE Leadership met with EHMC Administration to discuss HPAE’s latest wage enhancement counter-proposal.

Our proposal includes increases for per diems as well as to all steps on the wage scale, and those that have 30 years and greater seniority.

EHMC response was muted. They inquired as to why we wanted to increase wages for per diems and those with seniority. We stated that HPAE represents all the nurses not just some. Also, besides being the right thing to do, that hopefully EHMC wanted to recruit nurses with experience to fill vacancies, not just right out of nursing school.

HPAE Leadership’s impression is that EHMC is just going through the motions of negotiations. When asked, they have admitted that they don’t know the cost of their wage proposal. But yet, they have claimed our proposal is three times more expensive than theirs. EHMC can’t even fake their intentions.


Recently, those members who were covered by the Defined Benefit Pension Plan received information and a read out of the amount of dollars in their individual plan. Some nurses believe the figure quoted to them is incorrect.

WE URGE everyone to bring all information you have received concerning your benefits under this plan to either a financial advisor, accountant, and/or tax consultant. Also, bring your contract as the formula(s) for calculating the benefit is contained in section 10.07. Also, you can ask for the Pension Summary Plan from Maria Kinney, Human Resources Benefits Manager at EHMC.