Local 5621 Membership Update, January 31 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5621 Membership Update, January 31

HPAE Local 5621 Member Update

We hope everyone is having a good start to 2023. Here are some updates as we roll into this year:

  • Now until February 28th is the open period to put in all of your PTO requests from March 15, 2023 to March 14, 2024.
  • You can request “extended PTO” (entire week) or “short-term PTO” (partial week). Extended PTO requests will take precedence over short-term PTO requests.
  • Time off will be granted by bargaining unit seniority on your unit.
  • Employees are limited to two weeks of PTO during May 1st to September 15th so that everyone can have the opportunity be off in prime summer months.
  • PTO requests after February 28th will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.
  • A PTO calendar should be on every unit for people to put in their requests for all to see. This helps avoid any conflict when putting in your slips.
  • You can always find your own coverage.
  • All pertaining language to PTO can be found in “Article 42 Scheduling” in our contract.

You should report any concerns with staffing to their manager. If you don’t have a resolution, then you can report the issue using an online form on the Inspira intranet. These forms go directly to nursing and union leadership and are used as a tool to make improvements going forward.

You can access it by:

  1. Typing “staffingissues” (one word) in the top right search bar
  2. Select “staffingissues” option
  3. Fill out the form and submit

In Solidarity,

Local 5621 Executive Board