Local 5147 Wage Enhancements - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5147 Wage Enhancements

Over the course of the past year or so, we have been pressuring management to increase wages for all of our titles, as the current rates have fallen below market in many cases. While we have not secured increases for ALL titles, we will continue to advocate and push for those that have not been brought to market rates yet.

In the meantime we wanted to give you all a rundown of the titles that have received increases and the rates that folks should now be seeing in their checks.

Please review the list below. If you feel you are not being paid the correct rate, please contact a Union Officer or Rep immediately. If your title is not listed below, please know that we will continue to fight for increases to ALL titles.

Titles receiving wage adjustments mid-CBA

  1. Central Supply Techs ($22.53 – $24.58)
  2. Env Service Aides 7 Lead ($17.41 – $21.35)
  3. Certified Nurse Aides ($18.43)
  4. Dietary Aides ($16.38)
  5. Transporter ($19.08)
  6. ECHO Techs ($32.97 – $49.63)
  7. Tele Techs & Lead Tele Techs ($20.76 – $22.98)
  8. Nuclear Med Tech ($46.08 – $68.39)
  9. Linen Tech ($19.60)
  10. Clinical Materials Nadler (new title) ($18.00)
  11. Lead Technologist (new title) ($30)
  12. Medical Techs (retention bonus) ($4000 over two years, $1000 each six months)
  13. RN’s (retention bonus) ($3/hr. for all hours worked)

In Solidarity,
Local 5147 Executive Board