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Wage Enhancement Proposals: Truth or Consequences

Kathy Kaminsky makes several claims in her letter of February 24th, 2023. While it’s counterproductive to get into a back and forth, it is important to address the misrepresentation of the claims.

  • Kathy Kaminsky has not been part of these negotiations. She has no firsthand knowledge of discussions and has not had any interactions with HPAE leadership since Negotiations in 2021.
  • At the meeting on 12/12/22, HPAE leaders asked Howard Pripas, Director of Employee Relations, “what about nurses with greater than 24 years seniority”. He stated, “we do not feel the need to recognize them.”
  • The February 14th proposal delineates eligible bargaining unit nurses as being on particular steps on the wage scale which ends at step 30. There is no indication from EHMC that they meant step 30 and above.
  • EHMC never communicated that they were proposing that nurses with greater than 30 years seniority would be included in a 1% increase.
  • The claim that nurses with greater than 30 years seniority are included in EHMC proposal was never EHMC’s stated position prior to Kathy Kaminsky’s letter of February 24th.
  • NO ONE from EHMC management has reached out to HPAE leadership to clear up any claimed misrepresentations nor to reconsider the February 14th Salary Enhancement proposal made by EHMC.
  • The intimation that gift cards, 2023 DEI float holiday, free hospital jackets were all given freely is misleading as they were all negotiated with HPAE.

In 2019, hospital administrators were rewarded with the following bonuses and incentive compensation (Hospital finances.org report, 11/09/2020, accounting period 2019):

  • Warren Geller, CEO received $176,603.
  • Kathy Kaminsky, CNO received $54,457.
  • Pat Wilson, VP HR, received $43,579

Do you know what your bonus was during COVID?

EHMC administration is trying to drive a wedge between HPAE members and HPAE Leadership by manipulating facts and half-truths. That is their motivation. Plan on attending the HPAE Membership Meeting on March 14th to get your questions answered and to hear the truth.

HPAE is motivated by equality.

Tuesday, March 14th, 2023
8AM – 1PM – 7:30PM