Local 5138 Bargaining Update: Sessions # 5 and #6 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5138 Bargaining Update: Sessions # 5 and #6

HPAE Local 5138 continues to meet with HMH for contract negotiations. On March 30th, the fifth day of negotiations, we had back-and-forth discussions about the proposed performance evaluation, staffing, health and safety and economics. We met again on Monday, April 3rd for a sixth day of negotiations. We appreciated the presentation that Jeffery Jodeksnis from HMH did in regard to the HMH Incentive Plan. After some discussions and clarifications, we were able to secure a tentative agree (TA) on this proposal which will now allow our members to participate in this incentive plan.

We were also able to secure a tentative agreement (TA) in regard to the performance evaluation tool that the rest of the system is using. We are in discussions over the Merit
Program increases. And we are continuing to fight to keep the two (2) hour flex time as well as holding strong on a fair wage scale for all RNs from zero (0) to fifty (50) years of experience (YOE).

We continue to work with management regarding recruitment and retention of nurses in order to address the staffing issues that we are currently experiencing at SOMC.  We are continuing to make positive progress and we have consistently stated throughout the negotiations with HMH that we are staying focused on wages, health and safety, and staffing. We want to continue to say thank you to the current Contract Action Team (CAT) members and continue to invite anyone that may want to join the CAT team by clicking the link:


As we have said, we will be putting out a member update after each bargaining session to keep you informed. You can also find information at  https://www.hpae.org/local/local-5138/

Throughout these negotiations, let us show our solidarity by wearing your HPAE pins! In addition, wear something else RED: headband, bracelet, red shoelaces… Go Union!

Let Hackensack Meridian Health Know:

Local 5138 Bargaining Team

  • Anna Pona, President
  • Corey Martinez-Tortorello, Vice-President
  • Alice Howarth, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Colleen Pignatelli, Grievance Chair