Local 5185 Labor Management Committee Update - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5185 Labor Management Committee Update

The Labor-Management Committee (LMC) is a monthly meeting where your Union officers bring your concerns to management.

Some Updates from the June LMC Meeting:

  1. Management is following up on uniform orders.
  2. EVS/F&N managers have been reminded to use availability books. They will note the date when they review the books.
  3. HR will do rounding with Transport and management will close the loop with Transport better.
  4. 40 new devices have been ordered with TDSS
  5. Managers have been reminded that doors can’t be left open for safety reasons.
  6. Cleanliness – stairwells will be cleaned.
  7. Management will explore shared governance in more disciplines
  8. BMCis renegotiating contracts with agencies/vendors. Shortages should be escalated, in writing, to your supervisor.
  9. HouseWide Staffing – This month, 25 Phlebotomists,
  10. FT/PT RNs, and 1 new ED Surgical Tech signed on.
  11. BMC is still “Waiting on grants” as we keep pushing for a raise.
  12. Agency Techs in OR – Management is open to team members cross training / picking up shifts.
  13. Ten new DRs have been engaged – all take our insurance.
  14. Insurance: BMC will work with brokers to find cheaper options and savings programs. Your Union will monitor this process.

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General Information

HPAE-AFT is the largest union of health care professionals in New Jersey. HPAE members include nurses, social workers, therapists, technicians, medical researchers and other healthcare professionals. We work in hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, blood banks and university research facilities.

Union Raises: The first full pay period of July, you will receive your negotiated raise. If you notice any issues with your rate, contact HR in writing. If you continue to have an issue, notify your union rep.

Stay in Touch: if you or someone you know isn’t getting union texts and/or emails, reply to BSILVA@HPAE.ORG.

Your Local Union Leadership:

President: Christine Crimaldi – 2R
Vice President: Joan Zitzman – ICU
Vice President: Danielle Hallenbeck – ED
Vice President: Marisol Matteo – OR
Secretary: Mary Ramos – PACU
Treasurer: Sue Sinkiewicz – Respiratory
Grievance Chair: Nanette Rivera – Physical Therapy
Membership Coordinator: Dante Dontia