HPAE 5089 Nurses at Rutgers - Paycheck Updates - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE 5089 Nurses at Rutgers – Paycheck Updates

Union leadership has been informed by hundreds of 5089 members regarding issues with receiving your contractual raises and respective retroactive pay. Due to the severity of this issue and the fact that we are entitled to these raises, union leadership met with Rutgers management on Friday, September 15, 2023 to demand answers on when our raises would be fixed.

We were informed by management that all HPAE 5089 bargaining union member payroll issues will be resolved by September 29, 2023.

This includes any missing retroactive payments for fiscal year 2022 (7/1/22 to 6/30/23) and fiscal year 2024 (7/1/23 to now), as well as any wage adjustments (including across the board increases and any applicable step or experience based range movements).

Keep an eye on your paycheck and compensation history. Expect another update before the deadline including a way to continue to hold our employer accountable to their commitment to US, the UNION.

In solidarity,

Sabrina Brown Oliver, Vice President of Local 5089