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Local 5089 Rutgers represents Registered Nurses at Rutgers, including University Correctional Health Care, CINJ and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.


HPAE Local 5089 Bargaining Update for Rutgers University
May 18 2022

Bargaining Update for Rutgers University: HPAE local 5089 met on 5/17/22 for our second session of negotiations with Rutgers University. Earlier last week the University attempted to propose a one-year contract extension to the Coalition of Rutgers Unions. We attempted

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HPAE congratulates Newark Mayor Baraka on his re-election
May 12 2022

Emerson, NJ—HPAE members congratulate Ras Baraka on his re-election as mayor of the great city of Newark. Mayor Baraka has been a friend and partner in the struggle to empower healthcare workers, especially at Newark’s University Hospital. HPAE members at

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Mandatory Vaccine Update, July 30, 2021
Jul 30 2021

The Coalition of Rutgers Unions (CRU) has met with Rutgers (RU) this week to negotiate over the impact of the mandatory vaccination policy. We will continue to negotiate on Monday. The CRU asked many questions, some of which RU clarified.

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Changes to Healthcare plans
Apr 15 2021

Effective July 1, 2021, Rutgers employees represented by our union, and all other unions in the Coalition of Rutgers Unions (CRU), will have the chance to pay less for state health benefits by switching to the new NJ Direct Plan...

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Shared Work Program and Unemployment Fraud
Apr 14 2021

We wanted to provide an update on the implementation of our fiscal emergency settlement, which you can read more about here: Settlement Summary, and provide some information about next steps.

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Rutgers community protests variety of issues at U.
Sep 29 2020

Members of the Rutgers community, including students, faculty, staff and New Brunswick residents, held a protest on Saturday calling on the University to reverse layoffs, implement tuition reductions amid the pandemic, stop the sale of the Lincoln Annex School ...

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Negotiations for Rutgers Reopening
Jul 29 2020

Rutgers has released their “Return to Rutgers” and “Return to Research” plans, and has begun to direct a limited return to on-site staffing, including employees in research, libraries, some contracted office locations at UCHC and the Child Health Unit, and

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CRU Update: Returning to Rutgers
Jun 26 2020

On Friday, June 19th, you should have received an email from the Rutgers administration with a link to their report entitled Returning to Rutgers.

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Fiscal Emergency Declared by Rutgers
Jun 10 2020

The Rutgers University administration has just notified nearly all of its unions that it is taking the first steps toward implementing a fiscal emergency, thereby jeopardizing the futures of our 20,000-plus union members, their families, and communities throughout New Jersey.

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Negotiations at Rutgers – Coalition Update
May 29 2020

You have probably heard rumors regarding layoffs and furloughs from various managers and schools that make the decision seem inevitable. You may have heard threats have been made to union leaders that Rutgers will declare a fiscal emergency and withhold

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Union Coalition at Rutgers – Vacation Carryover
Apr 23 2020

HPAE along with the Rutgers Union Coalition, have been meeting with Rutgers Administration through Labor Management meetings to address the growing concerns of negotiations unit employees regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Rutgers: No Decisions About Us, Without Us
Apr 23 2020

Our Coalition of Rutgers Unions, representing 20,000 unionized employees, will not allow the Rutgers administration to turn this tragedy into a disaster for the people who make Rutgers work.

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HPAE Public Sector Union Rep Training
Sep 09 2019

This training is for all HPAE Public Sector Union Reps: those that have had no training before, as well as those that have had the basic training but want to learn additional skills and refine current ones.

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Additional Contract Review Meetings Scheduled!
Jun 20 2019

The joint HPAE Local 5089 and 5135 bargaining teams will be holding additional information meetings on the main RBHS campuses and Edna Mahan UCHC location to review the terms of the new contract and to answer any questions before voting

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Jun 05 2019

After a marathon session yesterday with Rutgers that ended at around 1:00am, we are pleased to announce we have a joint tentative agreement on a new contract!

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