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HPAE 5089 Rutgers Members: Pay Update – Take Action!

This is an update about the ongoing pay issue crisis caused by Rutgers University affecting HPAE unit members. Rutgers claimed all pay errors would be corrected by September 29 related to their mishandling of regular wage increases won in the HPAE contract campaign. As many are seeing in today’s paycheck, the issue is ongoing.

Thankfully, because we are a Union with a strong HPAE Union contract, and a strong HPAE Union team advocating on the behalf of the collective who is active and engaged on this important issue, together we will make sure every penny paid out.

Your continued involvement in the process is key.

  1. Check your paycheck and my compensation history to see what changes were made to your pay
  2. Verify what you are seeing in comparison to the summary of your HPAE contract linked here
  3. If your pay increases are not correct by 9/29 check, know that we will continue to hold the employer accountable, report in if your check is not correct or you are not sure if you got your full raise https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5089raises
  4. Keep an eye out for an upcoming call to action related to this issue, our membership cannot be expected to idly stand by while Rutgers fails to pay us for our hard work.

United, the nurses will never be defeated. Report in what you are seeing, your participation is power.

In Unity,

HPAE 5089 Local Executive Board Member and Chair for UCHC
Dr. Sabrina Brown-Oliver