Inspira Violence Prevention Update - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Inspira Violence Prevention Update

Our HPAE locals, representing all 6 campuses at Inspira, met with management this month to debrief the violent incident at Vineland. We expressed reactions from staff feeling unsafe and uneasy about the level of security we currently have in our buildings. We also voiced our concerns regarding how minimal the security is for any entering patients, visitors, and staff.

Management shared that they have hired two consultants that are experts in the field. They intend to follow the recommendations made by the consultants after they do a complete analysis of our hospitals. In the meantime, you may have noticed staff are asking patients and visitors screening questions as they enter the building. This was enacted as they prepare to put a permanent plan into place. We strongly encouraged the experts to speak with staff to get their feedback too.

We will continue to meet with management to see the progression of their plan. In addition, we have also filed a grievance using the language in our contract around health and safety. We are calling on the hospital to enhance security measures, including but not limited to installing metal detectors. In many ways we are lucky the patient only hurt himself and not anyone else. Both sides agreed that the staff working that day displayed tremendous courage. We could not be prouder of them, but this event should be used as catalyst for change to prevent and minimize any future incidents.

In Solidarity,

Local 5131 Local Executive Board