Local 5118 Negotiations Committee Signup - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5118 Negotiations Committee Signup

The time has come to select a team to represent our Local in the next round of contract negotiations. The Local Executive Board (Doris Bell, Ann McCausland, Patti Scharff, Lauren Kelly, Tina Jones, Brittany Cucunato and Tess Ianni) will be joined by six additional nurses. To have a clear understanding of the issues and concerns of all our members, it would be especially helpful to have nurses from across the hospital, including the outpatient areas.

Pursuant to our Local Constitution and By Laws, the LEB will make the final decision who will be on the negotiating committee. The decision will be based on where you work and the amount of participation/involvement you have had with our union since our last negotiations. There will be a training session for the negotiating committee on December 5 from 9am-3pm. It will be held at the Hilton Gardens Inn in Camden. On January 3rd and 17th, the negotiating committee will meet to develop our proposals.

The number of bargaining sessions with the hospital is difficult to predict, however, in the past there were at least ten sessions. To be considered for the committee, you must commit to attending all the above scheduled meetings and all the negotiation sessions. They are mandatory. Emergencies arise, that is understandable.

Serving on the negotiating team will involve commitment of your own time. Negotiation dates will mutually be agreed upon between the Union and the Employer. If team members must lose a day of work, the HPAE State Office will reimburse wages for four RNs per bargaining session. There may be times when a team member will need to use his/her benefit time. Except for the LEB and those receiving lost wages from HPAE, all others will receive $200 for completing each day of bargaining.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our Local officers.

Please complete and submit the form below no later than September 26 to be considered.

In Solidarity –

Your Local Executive Board