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Local 5621 Membership Update – Float Nurses

We are excited to announce that we have come to an agreement with the Hospital that will create a “float” RN position. The idea of this has been something we have suggested in the past to help with staffing and decrease the need to reassign nurses from their home unit. We have seen other hospitals be successful with having float nurses fill last-minute needs. Management came to us with a proposal, and you should see these jobs posted imminently. Some details about the position:

  • Float RNs will be an independent unit with their own designated manager. They will bid on PTO, extra shifts, etc., within their unit.
  • The float areas will be Acute, Stepdown and ICU. A float RN can work within all three of these units.
  • Float RNs will be assigned to a unit on the day they are scheduled to work according to the needs of the departments.
  • Float RNs will be paid a differential of $7.50/hour on top of their base rate of pay. They will be eligible for all other differentials (i.e., shift differential, charge pay, etc.), except for the reassignment differential.
  • Float RNs may be reassigned multiple times during their shift, and they will be the first within staff to be reassigned after Agency nurses.
  • Float RNs will be the last to be involuntarily cancelled from their regular shift (not extra or OT).
  • Local 5131 float RNs may be reassigned between Vineland and Elmer campuses. Local 5621 float RNs will only staff Mullica Hill campus.
  • Anyone applying for a float position must have at least 3 years of RN experience.
  • These are all new positions in addition to the ones currently open. The hospital is planning to post 30 FTEs for Vineland/Elmer and 22.8 FTEs for Mullica Hill. All positions will be FT or PT at this time.