Local 5185 October Union Update - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5185 October Union Update

The Labor-Management Committee (LMC) is a monthly meeting where your Union officers bring your concerns to management.

Some Updates from the Septmber LMC Meeting:

1) Scheduling Cases/Dark Days – Non-emergent cases should not be scheduled during dark days/on-call hours. If you get called in while on-call, you should get time-and-a-half pay for the time you work. Management will speak with Doctors about better scheduling and with the CMO & Leadership about correctly defining and scheduling non-emergent cases.

2) Work at Other CarePoint Facilities – We clarified that work at other facilities is strictly voluntary. You cannot be forced to work at another facility.

3) Public Service Loan Forgiveness – BMC employees now qualify for Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). Use our Union’s free student debt tool to help calculate what you can save.

4) Fighting for a Raise – As a follow-up to last month’s petition, we presented management with a professional wage analysis to show the raises members will need when we negotiate on wages next year

5) Fighting for Safe Staffing – 11 RNs and LPNs in the last orientation. Working on hiring more CNAs/PCPs.

Unsafe Staffing Forms are NOT just for Nurses. Anyone can and should be filling them out in any situation you are working short or feel unsafe. Not only does it help protect you from liability, but it also helps us build a stronger case for better staffing across the board.

Forms should be addressed to Management. One copy should be given to your supervisor, and one should be placed in the Union box in the Cafeteria.

6) Negotiations – Our contract expires June 2024. To win a great new contract, we’ll need to show we are strong and united every day from now until then. If you are interested in getting involved, at any level, contact your union rep.

7) LPNs – Management will be hiring more LPNs. We will be negotiating new rules to make sure LPNs receive all the training they need, don’t replace RNs, are staffed safely, and are never asked to exceed their licenses.

HPAE-AFT Information

HPAE-AFT is the largest union of health care professionals in New Jersey. HPAE members include nurses, social workers, therapists, technicians, medical researchers and other healthcare professionals. We work in hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, blood banks and university research facilities.

Fighting for Safe Staffing: Our Union is supporting candidates who have committed to vote for the NJ Safe Staffing Bill. You can earn $75 knocking on Union Members’ doors to get them elected. Sign up here.

If you haven’t already, add your name to our letter to Governor Murphy and Legislative Leaders to pass the NJ Safe Staffing Bill.

HPAE Professional Issues Conference: October 12th will be HPAE’s annual Professional Issues Conference, which counts as 4 Contact Hours for continuing education. HPAE members attend for free. Sign up here.

Stay in Touch: If you or someone you know isn’t getting union texts and/or emails, reply to this message and you will be added to the list.

Your Local Union Leadership:

President: Christine Crimaldi – 2R
Vice President: Joan Zitzman – ICU
Vice President: Danielle Hallenbeck – ED
Vice President: Marisol Matteo – OR
Secretary: Mary Ramos – PACU
Treasurer: Sue Sinkiewicz – Respiratory
Grievance Chair: Nanette Rivera – Physical Therapy
Membership Coordinator: Dante Dontia



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