Local 5094 Election Results - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5094 Election Results

The 2023 Local 5094 Nomination and Election Committee would like to announce the winners of the Co-President positions of local 5094.

Rutgers South Campus
Justin O’Hea

Rutgers Newark
Ryan Novosielski

The Committee would like to thank all the candidates for running. Attached you will find AAA Certified Results of Local 5094 Officer Elections. Under Federal Law, the candidates as well as members have the right to file a protest. Any protest regarding an alleged violation of the election provisions of HPAE, the Local, these Local Election Rules, or applicable law must be filed with the Election Committee within 10 days after the close of the election. The protest shall state with reasonable specificity the nature of the alleged violation, the facts underlying it and how it may have affected the outcome of the election. The details can be found under Local 5094 Election Rules that are attached. Thank you.

Click here for AAA Certification

Click here for Local 5094 Election Rules


2023 Local 5094 Election and Nominations Committee