Settlement for COVID Vaccine Exempted Nurses - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Settlement for COVID Vaccine Exempted Nurses

Our HPAE Inspira locals jointly filed grievances in 2021 regarding COVID testing protocols. We believed that nurses required to do weekly testing because of their medical or religious exemption should have been paid for the time they spent at satellite testing sites. Our union took this case through the grievance and arbitration process, and we were able to amicably settle the matter with Inspira.

  • Nurses who had an approved medical or religious exemption to getting vaccinated for COVID shall receive the following:
  • 5 hours of pay at their current rate.
  • Payment will be made by 12/1/23 and will be labeled “Retro Pay for Testing” on your check.
  • Any employee who believes they should have been included in this settlement and wasn’t paid needs to contact Inspira’s Director of Labor Relations, Denise Lambrecht, no later than 12/15/23. The employer and union will work to resolve any disputes on payment.