Our Union is Strong! Special Message and Union Update - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Our Union is Strong! Special Message and Union Update

In the past month, CarePoint has cut Hours, Benefits, and forced more Expensive Insurance on its non-union employees. Each time, your union leaders have stood firm and demanded NO sacrifices be made by Union Members.
Meanwhile, our Union has been fighting for improvements across the Hospital:
1) Last Week, Management began offering the bonus contracts we won last month to Techs in Radiology. Bonus contracts are based on unit need, so continue to fill out your Unsafe Staffing Forms and ask your manager for bonus contracts. This is separate from the Critical Need Bonus.
2) Beginning January 1, people on Service Grades 1, 2, and 3 will receive a 29 to 46 cent raise. This is due to a legal loophole we were able to take advantage of.
This Spring, during our contract negotiations, we will be fighting for Safe Staffing and Good Wages for ALL.
Out Union is only as strong as its members – here’s what YOU can do to win a great contract:
1) Join the Contract Action Team: the Contract Action Team is a key part of winning a great contract. Team members pass along updates and get their coworkers to do Union activities, so we can show a strong united face to management.
2) Add your name to our Staffing Grievance! As a lead-up to negotiations, we will be filing a class-action grievance over short staffing in ALL job titles and departments (if you want to add you name or are interested in getting involved with staffing issues, reply to this message or contact your rep).
3) Stay Informed: Over the next six months, Management will try to use fear and rumors to divide us – read your Union Updates, and always ask your rep for the Real Story
In Solidarity,
Christine Crimaldi, President HPAE 5185
Danielle Hallenbeck, Vice-President, Service
Marisol Mateo, Vice-President, Tech/B.O.C.
Joan Zitzman, Vice-President, RNs/Professionals
Nanette Rivera, Grievance Chair
Mary Ramos, Secretary

Sue Sienkiewicz, Treasurer

December Union Updates:
2) Next Month, BMC will be offering additional Sitter trainings. This is an opportunity to get more hours as well as help with staffing.
3) Meet Mo’Neke: 2024 will be an important year for us! Mo’Neke Is an organizer with HPAE who has been assigned to help us win a great contract. You may get a call or text from her inviting you to a union event. You can reach her at (856) 383-2701 or mragsdale@hpae.org

4) HPAE Retiree Medical Trust (RMT): Thank you to everyone who filled out the Bargaining Survey. Most people either want our local to join the HPAE RMT or would like to learn more. For basic information on this benefit provided through our Union, visit https://www.hpae.org/resource/rmt/. If you are interested in more information, reply to this message or contact your rep.


Questions / Concerns may be sent to BSILVA@HPAE.ORG