Local 5105 Union Update: Dress Code - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5105 Union Update: Dress Code

As you have heard, Virtua believes they have the right to make unilateral changes to the dress code policy that would dictate what color scrubs our members can wear at work. We absolutely do NOT agree! After a long fight over uniform colors back the year 2000, our founding members had the foresight to fight for language in our contract that we believe prevents them from making these changes.

We met with the hospital on April 10th to hear what they have to say, and we will continue to meet with them about the issue. However, we will also be using ALL THE TOOLS WE HAVE to fight this unilateral change and enforce our contract. We may put out surveys or petitions to support our fight moving forward, so please pay attention to your Union updates.

In the meantime, if you do buy navy blue scrubs to be compliant with the policy, KEEP ALL RECEIPTS so that we have a record of the financial hardship this is causing for our members. Additionally, there are other aspects of the dress code policy that are changing on May 5th. While we do not believe they have the right to make these change, it is important that we comply with the policy for now to avoid discipline while- in the background- we fight this issue using our union grievance and arbitration processes.

The unilateral changes the hospital is making are not acceptable, and collectively we will do everything we can to fight these changes.

In solidarity,

Sheryl Mount
President, HPAE Local 5105