Local 5118 Negotiations Update, April 24 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5118 Negotiations Update, April 24

We presented a comprehensive amended proposal on Violence Prevention which focuses on our safety at work? In return we received a counter proposal from Cooper to create a new committee – Workplace Safety. We rejected it.

We did amend several contract language proposals that from the beginning we identified as “fluff” proposals. This means that they were not serious proposals. We also amended our initial proposal around weekends (7.5) and holidays (7.6) regarding working less of both. Our proposal is still an improvement from the current contract language. Based on our contract campaign survey, changing this language was not a “top” priority for nurses.

Wages. During the morning session, we requested a more detailed explanation in writing from Cooper showing what their proposal means. Their “initial” proposal includes a flat dollar amount increase of two dollars and a two percent across the board increase (not real) & they said, it is not real! RNs with 32 years’ experience or greater shall receive the across the board increase and are paid at the 32 plus years rate (this will be the rate negotiated now with the new increases), not the 32-year rate on the current wage step scale. They want to have RNs with 0-2 years’ experience be paid at the two-year experience rate and will progress to the 3-year step on their 3-year experience date. We believe this piece is market driven. We have always had percentage across the board increases. The flat rate increase is a plus. The numbers from Cooper will and must GO UP!!!

Next bargaining session: May 1, 2024.

Local 5118 Town Hall: May 6, 2024, at 6:00pm. Double Tree by Hilton.

Community Leaders and politicians are invited to attend. Please register and try to attend this Town Hall.

We may need the help of the community leaders and politicians to put pressure on Cooper to do what is “right” for us.

This Town Hall is an important piece of our contract campaign. Register here.

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