Local 5118 Negotiations Update for May 20 & May 22 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5118 Negotiations Update for May 20 & May 22

You guys rock! The turnout for leafleting was awesome and electric. It was the largest turnout ever for a leafleting. The impact of it was that Cooper came to the table on Wednesday with their staffing proposal, amended (improved) float district language that helps the intermediate nurses and other amended proposals that remain open.

Here is where we are:

Staffing. This is still open. In addition to the 1:2 ratio for adult critical care patients, yesterday Cooper proposed an “average 1:4-1:5” ratio for med surg, oncology and telemetry areas. We asked for an explanation in regard to the intent of the word “average.” We’ll have more discussion around the word “average” next session. That being said, the 1:4 in our contract is a win and critically important. We are not done with our staffing proposal. This move by them comes from our collective actions and pressure that we have put on them.

On the table and still open: Cooper economic proposal: $3 an hour wage adjustment for all bargaining unit nurses. An adjustment to the wage step scale to ensure the 1% or greater each year for the nurses who are on the step scale, when you move to the next step.

The 32 year plus nurses will have the highest hourly rate based on the step scale rates to ensure staying ahead of less senior nurses moving forward. They will be bumped up to the highest rate on the scale in addition to the increases.
Across the board: 3.50%, 3% and 3%.

HPAE Counter Proposal: $3.25 wage adjustment for the 32 year plus nurses. $3.00 wage adjustment for all other bargaining unit nurses. The 1% or greater on the steps each year of the contract for those nurses on the step scale. Across the board: 4.50%, 4.25%, 4.25%. To understand the full impact of the dollar amount wage adjustment you need to convert it into a percentage, which we have calculated to determine the total percentage for three years.

The Retention Bonus is still open. Cooper is proposing it for 1 year. We are still at each year of the contract. They have come up on their amounts and we countered with our amounts. They proposed it for FT and PT RN’s. We still have it for everyone. Our goal is to have a retention bonus in the contract in order to build upon it in the future.

Health Insurance: Our initial proposal was no increase each year of the contract which we knew was unrealistic. The increase in premiums nationally is between 24% and 29% yearly.

This is still open, however we forced them into NO increase in our cost for the first year of the contract. This means NO portion of our raises will go toward an increase in our health insurance. This in itself is a HUGE WIN for us.

If you have any questions about any of this, PLEASE reach out to members of the negotiating committee to get the accurate information. The inaccurate information being put out there causes confusion and unnecessary drama.

Remaining Negotiation Dates: May 29, 30 and 31. BE THERE!

If a tentative agreement is reached with Cooper, we will send out a blast email and will post it on FB. We must give the membership at least 3 days notice of the dates and times for the ratification vote. We are discussing having 2 days (maybe more) for you to cast your vote. More details to follow.

Recent TAs:

May 22nd Tentative Agreements

May 20th Tentative Agreement- Article 31a

May 20th Tentative Agreement – Article 15.1


Thank you for all of your support! We all appreciate it!!

In Solidarity –

Your Negotiating Committee